Season by season, "spring, summer, autumn and winter" expression of four seasons and its grace of taste to experience

Cherish the old-fashioned Kyoto taste as well as the foreign friendly taste to put into together makes its own BENKEI style.
For meeting guest expectations, our course meals can be arranged as vegetarian, vegan or any allergy friendly upon the guest request at the time of receiving reservation.

To deliver with heartwarming flavor of Arashiyama BENKEI with a skill of unique Kyoto cuisine

Fresh and liitle bitterness in the spring, summer is with coolness and refreshing apperence, autumn flavor of deepness with seasonal colors and winter with warm and full seasonal flavour. The essence of the four seasons taste scenery, skill and flavor of Kyoto cuisine, unique to deliver in The Curious Case of mind. It can be to us, the customer will sincerely enjoy Kyoto cuisine of the four seasons in, it is to offer a number of dishes such that the memories of even a little Kyoto Arashiyama of the journey. The most important thing is still the material in cooking. Food such as vegetables and fish, of course, also stuck in the water and seasonings. Stick to the material, to cherish the old-fashioned Kyoto taste but also to put in the idea of foreign friendly flavor originally created as BENKEI Style. It takes special care with the time and effort carefully handmade, step by step and one by one. As the proud of being as cuisine “ryokan” a traditional Japanese inn, we would love to welcome you and serving unforgettable taste of Arashiyama BENKEI, Kyoto, JAPAN.

Authentic Japanese Cuisine ”Kaiseki”

※ There is also that the contents are changed depending on the season.

Fee of Arashyama BENKEI banquet [complete reservation, 10 people or more]

  • Adashino 10,000 yen (service charge included, tax excluded)
  • Ogurayama 15,000 yen (service charge included, tax not included)
  • Special BENKEI Style Kaiseki Meal 20,000 yen~ (service charge included, tax not included)
  • Only Meal serve or Banquet are available 10 people or more, and Reservation only.
  • Depending on the season or month, menu of course meals, ingredients changes randomly.
  • Can be arranged for vegetarian / vegan or any allergy friendly upon the guest request.
  • For any change of course meal menu, we require the notice as soon as possible after receiving the confirmation of booking.
    Please note that we may not be able to take change of food menu if we receive the contact after 3 days prior to check in date.
  • ※ Images of course meals, there are changes of ingredients and menues depending on the season and monthly.
  • ※ Can be arranged for vegetarian / vegan or any allergy friendly upon the guest request.