The taste of the grace of the four seasons "spring, summer, fall and winter".

Cherish the old-fashioned Kyoto taste, incorporating a season of grace, the customer you alone you alone, you will offer dishes that happily enjoy.

To deliver in The Curious Case of heart, skill and flavor of Kyoto cuisine unique.

Bitter taste in the spring, summer is cool, autumn fertility, winter warm. The essence of the four seasons taste scenery, skill and flavor of Kyoto cuisine unique to deliver in The Curious Case of mind. It can be to us, the customer will sincerely enjoy Kyoto cuisine of the four seasons in, it is to offer a number of dishes such that the memories of even a little Kyoto Arashiyama of the journey. The most important thing is still the material in cooking. Food such as vegetables and fish, of course, also stuck in the water and seasonings. Stick to the material, to cherish the old-fashioned Kyoto taste, multiplied by the time and effort carefully, we offer a cuisine in one by one handmade. Of restaurant inn unique, Please Come once relished hearty Kyoto taste.

Authentic Japanese Cuisine ”Kaiseki”

※ There is also that the contents are changed depending on the season.

Fee at the time of the banquet [complete reservation, 10 people or more like]

  • Adashino 10,000 yen (service charge included, tax not included)
  • Ogurayama 15,000 yen (service charge included, tax not included)
  • Special Kaiseki 20,000 yen~ (service charge included, tax not included)
  • Available 10 people or more, making it a pre-reservation only.
  • On the day of use, available in 10 people or less will be refused.
  • Depending on the season there are times when you want to change the contents, and the like of the dishes.