Arashiyama Onsen

Arashiyama Onsen,
the natural hot-spring in one of the most attractive site “Arashiyama” in Kyoto, JAPAN.

After exploring the beautiful Arashiyama and Saga area,
Arashiyama Onsen heal your fatigue of the journey.
Once you tried, it is unforgettable touch of feeling. Arashiyama Onsen is highly popular potency rich hot spring,
a simple fountain (hypotonic weak alkaline hot spring),
neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, efficacy also in such immersion of gastrointestinal disease can be expected.
With a soft touch with a thickened, it will be healed from the core of your body.

Open-air Onsen bath

Private open-air Onsen bath
※Tattoo Friendly, Family Friendly, Best for couple or mixed gender

Only for the guest’s reservation from our official website that is the best rate guaranteed, private open-air bath (45 minutes use) is available free of charge.
※Tattoo Friendly, Family Friendly, Best for couple or mixed gender
Luxury and Perfectly Private

Arashiyama Onsen is yours,
Please fully enjoy of being in perfectly private space and open-air onsen bath with couple, family, friends group and your loved ones who is traveling together.

Tattoo Friendly, Gender free because its private

“I / We have tattoo, can we enjoy the “onsen” hotspring in ryokan?”
By huge increase of inbound tourism of Kyoto, Japan, it has became very common to receive this kind of inquiry from our guests.
At Arashiyam BENKEI, we try our best hospitality to provide very private space for our guests.
The idea of private open-air Arashiyama onsen bath is the one expression of our hospitality spirit.
And also, there are few rooms with private Arashiyama onsen bath.
Please enjoy our private Arashiyama Onsen which are tattoo friendly, family friendly, the best for couple or mixed gender, and group of friends.

  • Male – Outdoor/Open-air Onsen bath

    嵐山辨慶・Male - Outdoor/Open-air Onsen bath Please enjoy the valuable and special moments in Arashiyama Onsen and our private and relaxing place with clear and fresh air of Arahiyama 360 ° VIEWW
  • Female Outdoor/Open-air Onsen bath

    嵐山辨慶・Female Outdoor/Open-air Onsen bath Arashiyama Onsen will make your skin smooth and soft touch, and it is earned a reputation of beauty hot springs.
    Please have your experience with family, friends and dearest.
    ※ Private Arashiyama Onsen is tattoo friendly, and the best for couple or mixed gender 360 ° VIEW

Indoor Onsen bath

  • Male – Indoor Onsen bath

    嵐山辨慶・Male - Indoor Onsen bath
  • Female – Indoor Onsen bath

    嵐山辨慶・Female - Indoor Onsen bath